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Low view of a security man behind a wire fence wearing a hardhat on a construction site
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Experienced security officers for hire

If you’ve got concerns about the safety of your home or business then enquire with our team at Intacept Security in Peterborough. We can help protect your property. We also cover Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Biggleswade and Spalding.

The threat is always there

Your business premises likely has assets. Stock, equipment, a safe for the day’s takings. It makes your premises a target and the consequences can be severe. If cash is taken then your revenue suffers. If your property sustains damage in an attempted theft then your insurance will have to cover the repairs. Which might mean a higher premium. And then there’s the safety risk posed to both your employees and your clientele. While securing doors and windows, installing robust locks and putting in an alarm system can help, vulnerabilities still remain. Especially if your premises is empty and remains a viable target.


You need a physical presence to deter criminal activity and a security officer from Intacept Security can help.

Rear view of security guard with flashlight in building corridor
Dedicated security personnel for your business

Intacept Security has a team of security officers on our books, who can carry out their duties either overtly or covertly, depending on whether deterrence or discretion is required. An assigned security officer can help you protect your employees, customers and property by both deterring and preventing criminal activity. They can also help prevent any loss or waste.

Our security officers can cover the following:

Access control (including checking IDs of persons and vehicles)

Security, fire and health and safety protocols (internal and external)

Intruder alarm setting and unsetting

Personnel and vehicle escort for safety and security

Liaison with emergency services

Environmental compliance

Fire Warden / Marshal duties

Weighbridge duties

Temperature checks

First Aid

CCTV operation

Visitor escorts

Staff member working late? Keep them safe.

Security guard checking hallways
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Have that visible deterrent in place and hire a professional security officer from Intacept Security.
To enquire, call 0800 69 90 911
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