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Deter criminal activity with a mobile security patrol

If you’ve got concerns about the safety of your home or business then enquire with our team at Intacept Security in Peterborough. We can help protect your property. We also cover Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Biggleswade and Spalding.

Worried that someone will break in?

Theft is a pervasive threat when it comes to businesses and their property. You can lose valuable equipment that’s tough to replace. There’s also the damage that thieves can do to your property when trying to get in. But primarily there’s a very real risk to your employees and any customers who access your site. You’ve no doubt taken some action already, like the addition of security cameras, extra lighting or a basic alarm system. But these can only do so much. You need a physical presence on your premises and that’s what a mobile security patrol can provide.

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We can help protect your site

If you’d like a mobile security patrol service in place for your premises then speak to our security team at Intacept Security. The initial step is a site survey along with a risk assessment where we identify vulnerable points, like fire exits and plant rooms. One of our uniformed security patrol officers will then cover these areas in a pre-arranged number of visits at irregular hours on days requested, which could include weekends or bank holidays. We’ll install computer checkpoints in these vulnerable areas so that our security patrol officer can use their handheld data recorder to ‘swipe’ them, meaning the date, time and location of the patrol is logged.


Beyond security concerns, our security patrol officers can also check for other issues too. If there’s a burst water main, for example, or a night light that’s no longer working, our security patrol officer will take the appropriate action. Should you need a protective escort, for example during overnight stock deliveries, our patrol officer can assist there too.

Commercial patrols
Why our mobile security patrol service?


Visible deterrent to would-be intruders

Can help reduce insurance premiums

Guaranteed response to a problem

Peace of mind

Can help pay for itself (reduce client overheads by turning off taps etc)

Temperature readings / early morning deliveries can be included in the service

Burglary breaking into family home
We can protect your home, too

Homes are always at risk from burglaries, especially during the day when family members are usually away. Squatters can also take advantage of these situations, not to mention vandals. Securing your home has never been more critical and a mobile security patrol from Intacept Security can help mitigate the crime risk.

Why our mobile patrol service?

Occupied and vacant homes inspected

Meter readings taken (no estimated bills)

High-profile deterrent

Don’t have to burden family and friends with housesitting responsibilities

Helps you comply with insurance requirements

Long and short-term contracts available

Residential patrols

With us, you can be sure your home is secure.

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Keep your family, employees and property safe with help from Intacept Security. To enquire, call 0800 69 90 911
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