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Our remote alarm monitoring service can ensure a fast response

If the alarm at your home or business is triggered, you want an immediate response and that can’t happen if the alarm isn’t monitored. That’s why you need Intacept Security in Peterborough. We also cover Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Biggleswade and Spalding.

You don’t want a slow response

An alarm system is all well and good but it’s not effective if no one is around to hear it. By the time someone has heard it and action has been taken, the damage might already have been done. That could mean any number of things, from the loss of critical equipment to actual business downtime. There could even be a threat to life.


You may already have security cameras, secure entry points or an enhanced alarm system but these are only obstacles for would-be intruders and can be bypassed.  What use are these systems if no one responds to them? Intacept Security can initiate a response from the moment the alarm is triggered.

Smiling woman in an office wearing a telephone headset and speaking with one of our client
We can make your alarm an asset

If you have an alarm system in place and want a fast response should it be triggered, then Intacept Security’s solution is the answer. Your alarm system can be set to automatically notify our communication centre should the alarm ever be triggered. What we do then is speak to nominated contacts in order to alert them to the situation. It’s an extra layer of protection for your premises and is that much more effective when combined with our keyholding, emergency response and patrol officer services.

Arming a burglar alarm system
We can do it for your home, too

Has someone got into your home and carried away valuables, even when the alarm was triggered? It’s not good enough. You need an immediate response service in place so that triggered alarms are acted upon instantly. We can put that response service in place so that your home is covered.

Why our remote alarm monitoring service?

24/7 coverage

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

30 years’ experience

First-class service providers

ISO accreditation to BS 7984, BS 7858 and BS EN 9001


Protected access for those in your team.

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Ensure proactive measures are taken the moment your alarm is triggered, courtesy of Intacept Security. To enquire, call 0800 69 90 911
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