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Dedicated lone worker protection

If you’ve often got a lone worker on site and are worried about their safety then contact our team at Intacept Security, Peterborough for a professional lone worker support service. We also cover Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Biggleswade and Spalding.

It’s about peace of mind

Lone workers can be vulnerable. They’re often working at night or in the early hours, meaning they’re on site when your business premises is at its most exposed. You need to be able to monitor them to ensure their safety, especially if they’re locking up your premises alone. If you don’t have something in place then there’s a clear and present risk. Equally, without a security provision in place, any emergency response could be delayed. And while policies, training and regular check-ins can mitigate the risk, they’re no substitute for dedicated security provision. It’s what we can provide at Intacept.

Working Alone in a Dim Office
Protect your employees with help from Intacept

Our lone worker support service is expansive. On the one hand, we can act as protection for your employee and your property too. We can also add your staff member to our computer system. Once they enter the property, they can dial in at the agreed time and log their entry into our system, confirming that they’re okay. If that call doesn’t come in, a response protocol would kick in. The details of that protocol would depend on your specific requirements, but could include liaising with emergency services or dispatching a mobile response unit. Whatever the requirements, we can tailor our service to match.

Stay protected with experienced, highly qualified security personnel

ISO accreditation to BS 7499, BS 7984, BS 7858 and BS EN 9001

24/7 availability

SIA - ACS Approved Contractor

Quality service

30 years’ experience

Keep your team safe. Let our team lock up.

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We can help keep your employees safe. To enquire, call Intacept Security on 0800 69 90 911
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