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Keyholding and emergency response service

In the event of an incident or emergency, a keyholder who can be available at any time to allow access to the premises can make all the difference. Intacept Security, Peterborough can provide that service for you. We also cover Cambridge, Bedford, Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Biggleswade and Spalding.

What happens if that alarm is triggered?

Can you drop everything and get there in good time? The longer the duration, the severer the potential consequences. It might mean more time for an intruder to steal equipment. Or more time for a burst pipe to flood your premises. An alarm system is no good if a response plan to cover the consequences isn’t in place. And training staff to undertake this service can put them at unnecessary risk. Intacept Security can provide the solution.

A dedicated response service 24 hours a day

With our 24 hour keyholding and emergency response service, Intacept Security is on hand to attend to your premises in any event. If an alarm is triggered, we can take quick and decisive action, whether it’s a genuine incident or a false alarm. If an emergency occurs, we can liaise with emergency services to ensure access. By passing on the responsibility to our SIA-licensed security team, you don’t have to risk your own staff.


We have a dedicated process in place for any alarm activation: attending the premises, verifying the cause of the activation and liaising with relevant parties (police, alarm company, repair contractors etc) to re-secure the premises. Get in touch for a consultation.

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Wondering if the service is necessary? Ask yourself:
  • Are you willing to contend with potentially violent intruders?

  • Could another staff member contend with it?

  • Do you have training for this type of situation?

  • Is the duty written into your employees’ contracts?

  • Would you or your staff be covered by insurance in the event of accident or assault?

  • Can you comply with Health & Safety regulations regarding lone workers in these circumstances?

What are the benefits of the service?

Eliminates risk to your own staff in the event of a call-out

Complies with insurance conditions

Reduces need for multiple keyholders

Guaranteed response to problem

Any damage is rectified and the building re-secured

Should the Police withdraw cover after multiple false alarm activations, our team will address this

Key personnel can concentrate on designated tasks

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A keyholder for your home

We’re never at home as often as we think we are. Between work and school commitments, meals out, day trips, weekend breaks and holidays, your house is sitting empty most of the time. What happens if an incident occurs? The alarm might have notified you on your phone or a neighbour might have called you, but getting to your home in good time is a question mark. Equally, enlisting the help of family and friends to check on your property can expose them to a high-risk situation. And with the police often stretched due to a lack of resources, they can’t always be there when you want them to be.

Intacept Security can be the solution for you. We can respond to any alarm or incident as soon as it becomes apparent, ensuring access for emergency services if needed. If damage has been sustained and repairs are necessary, we can arrange for the work to be carried out. A patrol officer will remain onsite until the property is re-secured and we’ll also provide a report for your own records and for insurance purposes as well. Let us know what you need.

Why our keyholder service?

Support for you and your family when needed

Peace of mind even when you’re away from your home

Guaranteed response to a problem

Eliminates risk to existing keyholders should a call-out be necessary

Any damage is rectified and the building re-secured


Want someone to lock up for you?

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With our keyholding and emergency response service, you never have to worry about your property when you’re not there. To enquire, call 0800 69 90 911
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